31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Wishing you health, happiness & laughter this coming year!
Looking forward to all the great opportunities & memories.
Harriet and Isobel X

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New Years Resolutions

1. Keep really hydrated- drink at least 2 litres of water a day. During my training I really notice a difference in my performance if I'm not fully hydrated, I feel more lethargic and generally don't feel myself. In a bid to keep on top of this I'm thinking of installing a Virgin Pure water tap at home/ and only drinking water when I'm out and about- no more soft drinks! Hx
2. Get a hot bod - get into my skinniest of skinny jeans. This is my ultimate resolution (along with probably 99.9% of the population). Every year I make this a resolution and this year I intend to follow through with it. With the help of my blogging pal Harriet, who is (conveniently for me) starting up a personal training business this year, I plan to get my fitness levels back to when I ran the Great North Run in 2010. Ix
3. Get up early!- Realistically I need to have my dog walked by 9am to start my day. He's a big dog and needs at least an hour of exercise each morning, I always feel fantastic after its done, really energised and pro active. Plus walking is a great low impact exercise, fat burner and way to kick start my metabolism each day! Hx
4. Save money - This is a regular one for me, a self confessed impulse buyer and shopping addict (expect lots of haul posts from me) I need to balance my bad money habits with some serious saving. I have lots of exciting plans for this year, possibly putting a deposit down for my first house with my boyfriend, a trip to Australia to visit a friend in Sydney and starting my own personal training business- it goes without saying that I need to be more restrained and only buy something if I really NEED it. Hx
5. Keep my room tidy - I must admit, no matter how hard I try, tidiness and organisation does not come naturally to me. I'll spend hours making my bedroom into the perfect sanctuary that any girl would aspire to, then two minutes later it looks like a bomb has hit it. This year I intend my bedroom to maintain haven status at all times! Ix
6. Keep up with Hot Yoga- my training routine comprises a lot of strength training, HIIT, boxing and bodyweight exercises all of which I love. My least favourite aspect of training is stretching, I know all of the benefits and always feel great afterwards but I just find it boring and always skimp on it.
Without a good stretching routine you lose a lot of flexibility and strength as your muscles become shortened and fatigued and your recovery time after a tough workout gets considerably longer. I have done hot yoga in the past at Yoga Haven in Clapham and definitely noticed the difference when incorporating a couple of sessions a week into my routine, it allowed me to spend a few hours a week getting a really good stretch through my muscles and body, and even better I actually enjoyed it! Hx
7. Adopt a rescue kitten - Unlike Harriet I am a definite Cat person! I would absolutely love a little ginger tom to add to the family and if I can rescue one from RSPCA even better. Ix
8. No eating out in January - Although I hate to admit it, I probably eat out about 2/3 times a week and I really shouldn't seeing as I normally have a whole fridge full of food at home. It all comes down to laziness and also living in London with so many great restaurants at my fingertips. It really is an indulgence I can do without to save a few pennies and also won't do resolution number 2 any harm! Ix
9. Tough Mudder - "probably the toughest event on the planet" Tough Mudder is a 12mile hardcore assault course designed by the special forces. Its not a typical race where theres a competitive atmosphere and people get preoccupied with their time, you run this race in a team and its all about the camaraderie needed to get yourself and your team mates through the course. I'm planning on doing the event in June in the South of England with some of my work colleagues and friends. If your interested in trying Tough Mudder you can find them here! Hx

10. Start a blog - This is something we have been talking about for ages. So in 2013 we are really excited to bring you "Two Loves London" - beauty, fashion, fitness and lifestyle blog. I & Hx

If you are reading this and have any resolutions of your own please comment below or tweet them to us @twoloveslondon we'd love to hear from you! Harriet & Isobel x

all images courtesy of weheartit.com