26 March 2013

Cheat Day Burgers at Patty & Bun

I'm a big believer in eating clean & working out to keep my body looking & feeling the best it can be, but on the days where nothing but an indulgent cheeseburger will do a cheat day/meal has to come into play. As long as you balance out a calorie-fest like this with an active lifestyle, some sessions in the gym & a healthy diet it won't affect your goals & having a flat stomach the next day. 

A couple of weeks ago I headed to Patty&Bun with a few friends & it was probably the best burger I've EVER had & the perfect use of a cheat day.
And yes I hit the gym hard the next day- fuelled through an amazing workout by the creators of 'the ultimate comfort food'!

All three of us went for the 'Ari Gold' cheeseburger with chips & chicken wings to share, washed down with ice cold San Pellegrino lemonade.

The chicken wings  (smoked confit wings with BBQ sauce & spring onions) were INCREDIBLE I would almost go back just for a portion of wings, the most tender melt in your mouth chicken with an awesome sticky glaze.

The cheeseburger (beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, ketchup, smokey P&B mayo, brioche) was utterly perfect & decadent.

We got to Patty&Bun pretty late (3pm) after having a wander round the shops on Oxford Street. I would definitely recommend going at a similar time after the lunchtime rush as we were able to walk right in & have our pick of a few tables. Anytime 12-2pm & I gather there can be a pretty long queue waiting outside.

Price wise I was really impressed, the meal cost us just £12 each & the staff were lovely & really helpful.

To balance out this indulgent post I have some guilt-free protein goodies coming up this week, think protein banana bread & peanut butter protein cookies!

Harriet x

25 March 2013

Review - Lush Hair Products

What's great about going into Lush is that the staff are so knowledgeable and can really help you find what you're looking for. You will definitely need a spare half an hour or so as they can ramble on a bit! I've been looking for the right shampoo & conditioner for ages so I thought I'd give Lush a whirl. When I went in to talk to someone about hair products I found out that Mark Constantine, the co-founder of Lush actually started out as an herbal Trichologist (Trichology is the study of hair and scalp) and that Lush's hair care range is their most extensive. I literally thought all Lush sold was pretty bath bombs! So I had a chat with a lovely shop assistant and came away with Fair Trade Honey Shampoo and Veganese Conditioner.  

Fair Trade Honey Shampoo
This shampoo was recommended for me on the basis that I have quite damaged hair in need of some moisture but is very fine. As you can expect from Lush products it is all completely natural and paraben free (you can check the ingredients list here) and I was told that it is 50% honey. It smells of turkish delight which is quite overpowering when you smell it just from the bottle but actually has a really nice aroma when used in your hair. Because of it's obviously very natural ingredients it doesn't lather too much which makes it quite difficult to spread all the product through my hair - I ended up sectioning my hair in two and using a fair amount at each application. The shop assistant said it would last me about 3 months which it certainly didn't (I do wash my hair most days). However, negatives aside, this shampoo has left my hair soft, manageable and feeling very nourished. It has definitely smoothed out my wispy bits and flyaways and I can much more easily leave my hair to dry and head out without styling. The best thing about this product is that whilst it is making my hair look good I also know it's doing good as I know there are no nasty chemicals in it! I will definitely repurchase but it's not cheap at £7 for just 110g.

Veganese Conditioner
Again because my hair is fine I was recommended a conditioner that is very light that wouldn't weigh my hair down. This conditioner has a very runny consistency. Because my hair is always dry and damaged I normally go for a thick, creamy conditioner so this was a very new experience for me. But as it's quite thin you don't need to use an awful lot as it spreads through the hair nicely. The smell of this product is of fresh lemon grass which is just delicious! The defining ingredient in this conditioner is the agar agar gel which comes from seaweed which is what helps restore dry or frizzy hair. Yet without the presence of lanolin also makes it Lush's lightest conditioner (check the ingredients here). This conditioner is a bit of a revelation for me as my hair feels so soft and moisturised after washing it yet also with a definite "squeaky clean" feeling. I would absolutely recommend this conditioner to anyone who has fine/thin hair. Again, like the shampoo, my gripe with this product is that it doesn't last very long. This product is obviously great for vegans as it doesn't contain lanolin (oil from sheep's wool) and as it happens I'm allergic to lanolin, not that I think my hair minds but it's nice to know it's not there! A little cheaper at £4.15 for 100g.

I hope you have enjoyed this review. Let me know your thoughts!
Isobel x

20 March 2013

Mini beauty haul: Origins, Clinique, Philip Kingsley

Ah! So yesterday I had a spare hour and went on a little impromptu "browse" round John Lewis. Of course I just couldn't help myself and ended up coming away with a few little treats. I'm excited about all these products as I have never tried any of them before and keen to give them a whirl! This is what I bought...

Philip Kingsley Weatherproof Hairspray & Daily Damage Defense - £6.50 each

I've heard good things about Philip Kingsley products and have never tried any before. I was put off by the £20+ price tag on the shapoos and conditioners so thought I would give these small 60ml hair protectants a try. Having rained relentlessly receently I'm quite intrigued to see how the weatherproof hairspray works, I will come back to you with an update!  

Origins Super Spot Remover - £13

After being bitterly disappointed that Le Roche Posey didn't work for me at ridding my skin of spots (see my blog post on it here) I thought I would try this blemish treatment gel from probably my favourite skin care brand, Origins. It's a tiny little pot at just 10ml but obviously you just apply a small amount to the areas that need to be treated. I don't have any major spots at the moment but I tried it last night on a few post spot red marks and it has already seemed to have calmed them down a bit. What's great is that when you buy something from the Origins counter they normally give you some free samples, two of which I gave to my sister and kept Plantscription Anti Aging Cream to try for myself. 

Clinique Even Better Makeup in 03 Ivory - £23

I've been dying to try something from Clinique for ages and I was just having a look round the stand when of course a very knowledgeable sales assistant comes up to me and I just can't resist coming away with something. I'm sure I will get through this tiny 30ml pot in no time but it felt so nice on my skin in the shop and a good colour for me - I might keep this one for special occasions and not as an everyday make up!

Please let me know any of your thoughts on these products if you have tried or are thinking about trying them! Have a lovely day!

Isobel x

19 March 2013

Instagram Update #1

A collective update of our instagram pictures since we started using it a couple of months ago. Like our twitter we share an account so pictures are from the both of us, lots of foodie pics, healthy eating, London life, dogs & fitness updates!

1. Amazing latte art at Joe and the Juice on The Kings Road
2. Sushi delivery from The Sushi Chef in Kennington- best Sushi I've had in London & my favourite treat for a night in (the dragon roll is to die for)
3. Burlington Arcade in Mayfair
4. Small things make me happy- standard Tuesday pick me up, Grazia & Jimmy's Skinny Iced Coffee
5. The best breakfast- poached eggs on toast with avocado
6. Ajax when he was a tiny pup
7. Valentines cards
8. Freezing cold selfie on the way to work
9. Yummy cakes at Dee Light Bakery in Balham
10. Early morning dog walk
11. Hitting the weights at The Apex Club
12. Friday night cocktail in Harvey Nichols
13. Taking ab progress shots during my training with Ed at Apex
14. My handsome boy
15. The best green smoothie to go- SaVse broccoli, pear, spinach, kale, kiwi, lemon & banana, delicious & 100% natural!
16. Big Ben in the morning
17. Happy with my new Topshop purchase
18. Mother's Day meal at Lambert's in Balham
19. Waiting for a friend & enjoying the sun
20. Saatchi Gallery in the Spring Sunshine
21. If I'm not having a caffeine hit I always order the AMG juice at Joe and the Juice (apple, mint & ginger)- so refreshing!
22. Avocado & salmon salad at East Dulwich Deli in Harrods
23. Ab progress shot- Week 1!
24. Post workout protein shake
25. Homemade cappuccino with a Laduree pistachio macaron
26. Clean eating
27. Puppy training- recall

If you want to see more of our Instagram and follow our daily goings on find us here!

Harriet & Isobel x

18 March 2013

Not Worth The Hype - Effaclar Duo

There has been seriously so much hype about La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, especially amongst bloggers, so I was really keen to try it out. For those who haven't heard the hype, Effaclar Duo it is a treatment for blemish prone skin that can be used all over the face. Ok, so I don't have acne but I do get hormonal breakouts around my mouth and there are always 1 or 2 stubborn spots in that area at any given time. I would LOVE perfectly clear, blemish free skin and so after reading so many good reviews and with the promise to unclog and purify pores I couldn't wait to start using it!

Having read many of the thousands of rave reviews about this product I'm sure it must work for a lot of people but this one is just not for me.

My first gripe about this product is the smell - it is really unpleasant. To me it literally smells like gone-off cake mixture which is isn't really something I want to I would want to put on my face. I think senses are important when it comes to skin care, if a product looks, feels or smells wrong, I just won't want to use it no matter how good it claims to be for my skin.

Secondly I have a bit of a problem with the feel of the product. It's a very thin liquid and when I put it on it feels sticky and it sits on the skin after I apply which is quite uncomfortable. Also, there is a rather annoying stinging sensation when I put it on. My skin also feels a bit tight after using it which is probably down to it's drying effect on the skin. I can understand why the product would be drying on the skin to combat excess sebum and reduce oiliness which clogs pores. I don't know whether this is the ingredients in the product setting to work on my spots or if my skin is reacting badly to it!

And for the last and probably most important point, it hasn't rid me of my spots! I can honestly say, after having given this product a real good go for a month, I haven't noticed any positive change in my skin whatsoever. I definitely wouldn't buy Effaclar Duo again and I personally wouldn't recommend it.

Would love to hear your comments on this product, let me know if you use it and what you think!

Isobel x