18 September 2013

Ajax's Current Favourites & A/W Wishlist

The last time Ajax featured on this blog he was still something of a puppy & the proud owner of a beautiful purple & tan leather collar from Mungo & Maud. Sadly over the summer he outgrew it & I've been on the look out for a permanent replacement since. Once again I'm turning to Mungo & Maud whose elegant pet accessories really are in a class of their own.

Out of all the fabulous collars on offer this chocolate leather plaited number (pictured above) & matching lead are the ones that fit the bill for my adult dog. I love the product description;

"Some dogs just don't suit nylon. Or cotton. Or canvas. They require strong, sturdy, and luxurious leather... Smart as they come, if your dog appreciates a little fuss every now and then, well, this collar will garner just that."

Rotties aren't the most delicate of dogs (50kg+) so I need something that is sturdy & masculine without going down the route of studs & chains. He is also a somewhat of an attention whore & loves nothing more than basking in the glow of compliments & headrubs, so will definitely enjoy prancing around town in this smart collar.

Yes Mungo & Maud aren't cheap (& these are at the upper end of their price range) but you get what you pay for in the design & quality which are faultless. I wouldn't have considered splashing out on these items until he was fully grown, (his last one was a sale bargain) but now he has almost reached his adult size they should last him forever.

I also love this treat jar (pictured above) for storing his bones & biscuits in. 

In terms of what we feed Ajax, we try to feed him a natural, mostly raw diet, close to what his ancestors would have eaten. Raw chicken carcasses & meat, lamb ribs, tripe, goats yoghurt, raw eggs & cooked rice & veg. However when our lifestyle gets in the way of preparing this food its always useful to have some dried or tinned food on hand. 

Up until now no packaged dog food has agreed with him (that is if he even eats it), which when you have a look the ingredients list on mainstream dog food isn't surprising. We stumbled upon Lily's Kitchen a few weeks ago & I'm SO glad we did. 

After reading the impressive ingredients list on the back I was pretty blown away. It reads almost exactly like the diet my health fanatic, strictly Paleo (human) friends eat. Lots of organic fresh meat & fish, fruit, green veg, seeds & pulses & spirulina to name a few. What's more Ajax absolutely loves it & gobbles it up quicker than his raw food. It's very gentle on his stomach so no unpleasant side-effects to report there either. Thank you Lily's Kitchen for creating pet food that probably ensures my dog eats better than I do!
Some of the herbs found in Lily's Kitchen that I would associate with the aisles at Holland & Barratt rather than pet food.

In terms of price the dried food is more expensive than Pedigree Chum et all, but cheaper than the vet recommended Science Plan- which we found to be useless, dogs won't eat it & it can cause havoc on their bellies. You can get a range of selection boxes online, which are great to try out on your pup if you are new to the brand (all for less than £30). 

Harriet & Ajax x

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