1 January 2013

Workout of the Day 01. 01. 13

I finally got back to the gym today after about 2.5 weeks of rest from proper training! I've still maintained an active lifestyle (lots of dog walking) and some bodyweight exercises at home. But with December packed full of Birthday celebrations, my boyfriend returning to London and the lead up to Christmas I just hadn't had the time or inclination to hit the gym for a full workout.
I really let myself relax over Christmas and enjoy the festivities with family & friends, this meant my diet and alcohol consumption was slightly all over the place. I haven't gained any weight as such, but I  definitely feel softer and less defined especially in my upper body and midsection. So I set off to the gym today keen to get my pre-Christmas abs back and get back on track.
Not wanting to give my muscles a massive shock I decided to do a light full body workout & some cardio.

Warm up 
10mins brisk uphill walk, maximum incline
Dynamic stretches


warmed up with empty bar (20kg) 15reps squats, 5reps squat thrusts x 5 sets
after the 5 set warm up my body was fully warm and feeling loose so I loaded up the bar to 50kg 10reps x 5 sets
using the same bar (50kg) 10reps x 5 sets
Lat Pulldown superset with Pushups 
(started the lat pulldown on 15kg increased by 5kg each set)
10reps lats superset with 10 pushups x 5 sets


Incline Pushups superset with Tricep Dips 
10 reps each x 5 sets
Walking lunges 
1min x 3 sets
1min x 5 sets


20 mins sparring with my boyfriend (really got my sweat on here!)

A good little workout for New Years Day, in and out of the gym in an hour & a half. I haven't lost any strength during my training break, however endurance and fitness I struggled with. Boxing completely kicked my arse but I'm feeling very virtuous now as I kick back on the sofa watching The Wizard of Oz.

I hope your having a lovely New Years Day. If your having any trouble getting back into your fitness routine after a Christmas break, just remember that you never regret going to the gym once its done. You just need to get that first session in and from there its easy! Hx

(I'll update progress pics as I get back onboard with my diet & training)


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